Lonewood House

Orange Design Studio was commissioned by our clients to transform the 1913 built Lonewood House in Baildon into an open, light and flexible home for them to enjoy.

The client wanted us to focus on creating a series of traditional and formal spaces that were restored from the existing house as well as a larger, open zone, kitchen, dining & living space that truly connected to the panoramic views and wider landscape.

We considered a number of design options for the space planning, but ultimately, wanted to make use of the properties views for the open zone space, which is located to the rear and side of the home to take advantage of the beautiful circular bay area.

We wanted to create an extension that was contemporary whilst not sitting at ‘odds’ with the house. We felt it best to create something that is homogenous with the home, using carefully sourced stone that respects the existing home for the first floor element of the extension. The extension wraps around the existing home using a beautifully sawn ashlar stone with monolithic elevated circular columns to create a colonnade to the upper terrace. This combined with the glazing makes for a perfect material pallet and design.

The sub-terrain areas are nestled under the first-floor element and nicely hide themselves behind the curving site retaining wall. The design specifically allows our clients to use the lower terrace in comfort without being impacted by southern prevailing winds and without being overlooked by neighboring properties.

Internally we have restored the interior using bespoke timber, cornice, and joinery details that match any existing profiles that were removed due to damage.

In addition, we have brought the whole site fully up to ‘speed’ with a full smart home system that controls lighting, window treatments, heating, and security, even as far as turning some windows opaque when people walk near them from the outside.









May 2021

Construction Value