Orange Relocate

Orange Design Studio have moved into their sleek new space on Mirfield's high street.

Orange Design Studio’s year on year success, subsequently lead to the architectural firms new branding, digital platform and a brand new office space to match their profound reputation. Orange wanted a studio space that broke the traditional client barriers, ensuring those who walk through their new office space are welcomed by a team of friendly and creative individuals. This in turn has allowed Orange to be completely transparent with their clients, helping to build relationships based on trust.

Set in the heart of Yorkshire, Orange Design Studio’s brand new space features a huge windowpane looking out onto the high street allowing for vast amounts of natural light to flood Orange’s office space, allowing passers by to become inspired by their creative space. Customers are greeted with a neon, orange glow, amalgamated with the structure of the 3m high pivot archway which simultaneously reminds clients of Orange Design Studios infamous brand colour. Orange wanted to ensure they utilised as much natural light as possible – their open plan layout layout keeps the space light and airy, allowing for an excellent working environment and making it easy for employees to communicate within the office; instilling a sense of team spirit.

It’s not just the office’s shell that appeals to clients when walking through, but the intricate details throughout that brings the space to life, infused with Orange’s branding. The bespoke meeting room table, designed by Orange and made by A G Welding Ltd and Wood & Laycok, showcases their holistic approach. By designing each, individual element, Orange ensured they kept a consistent level of quality and intrinsic design throughout their new space. Clients will notice a textured, pendant shaped lampshade above the table, that fills the room with soft light. The spherical shape of the lampshade, meeting room table and carpet embody the Orange Design Studio brand.

Employees and clients can place their coats on the Orange Design Studio coat hangers; with their spherical shape keeping to the brand style. Each hanger features in a different brand colour and a range of sizes, to give an artistic feel; transforming the average coat hanger into wall art. A number of lights are incorporated into the office space, changing the feel of the space and providing extra light wherever needed; helping to guide clients through the space. The geometric shaped, orange wallpaper in the bathroom further endorses the Orange brand; with its mellow tones bringing a warming and calming feel to the room.

Orange wanted a space their employees can be proud of, making Monday mornings that bit more appealing – a space their clients will remember and want to come back to time and time again. Their holistic designs incorporate all aspects of their brand and goes beyond your day-to-day architectural firm office space; breaking stereotypes and reinventing the ideas behind work spaces.

If you want to check out their new space, you can find it on Mirfield’s high street: 59A, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, WF14 8AA. Why not book a meeting if you have some exciting project ideas? Contact the Orange Design Studio team on 01924 650930 or email [email protected].